OCR A Jun 2014 Paper 1 Q4

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PMT (i) Complete the diagram below to show hydrogen bonding between the H2O molecule 4 Oxides can have different types of bonding. (a) H2O has hydrogen bonding. shown and one other H2O molecule. Include relevant dipoles and lone pairs. Label the hydrogen bond. [2] (ii) State and explain two anomalous properties of ice caused by hydrogen bonding. 12[4]OCR 2014<br />
 (b) Draw a dot-and-cross diagram to show the bonding in CO2. Show outer electrons only. PMT [1] (c) Silicon dioxide, SiO2, has the same structure and bonding as diamond. State the structure and bonding in SiO2.[1] (d) Describe and explain the electrical conductivity of sodium oxide, Na2O, and sodium in their solid and molten states. In your answer you should use appropriate technical terms, spelled correctly.[5] [Total: 13]OCR 2014 Turn over<br />

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