OCR A Jun 2014 Paper 1 Q2

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PMT This question is about compounds used in fertilisers. (a) A compound used as a fertiliser has the following composition by mass: C, 20.00%; H, 6.67%; N, 46.67%; O, 26.66%. Calculate the empirical formula of this compound. empirical formula =[2] (b) A salt used as a fertiliser has the empirical formula H4N2O3. Suggest the formulae of the ions present in this salt.[2] (c) Calcium phosphate(V), Ca3(PO4)2, is another salt used in fertilisers. Calcium phosphate(V) can be prepared by reacting together an acid and a base. (i) Suggest the formula of the acid used to prepare Ca3(PO4)2.[1] (ii) Name a base which could be used to prepare Ca3(PO4)2.[1] [Total: 6]OCR 2014<br />

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