OCR A Jun 2014 Paper 1 Q3

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PMT 3 An aqueous solution of aluminium chloride can be prepared by the redox reaction between aluminium metal and dilute hydrochloric acid. A student reacts 0.0800 mol of aluminium completely with dilute hydrochloric acid to form an aqueous solution of aluminium chloride. The equation for this reaction is shown below. 2Al(s) + 6HCl(aq) 2Al Cl3(aq) + 3H2(g) (a) In terms of electron transfer, explain whether aluminium is being oxidised or reduced.[1] (b) Calculate the volume of hydrogen gas formed, in dm3, at room temperature and pressure. volume of hydrogen gas formed =dm3 [2] (c) Calculate the mass of Al Cl3 formed. Give your answer to three significant figures. mass of Al Cl3 formed =g [2] (d) Calculate the volume, in cm3, of 1.20 mol dm3 hydrochloric acid needed to react completely with 0.0800 mol of aluminium. volume =cm3 [2] [Total: 7]OCR 2014 Turn over<br />

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