AQA Jun 2016 Paper 2 Q9

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do not write outside the box a alcohols can be prepared from alkenes in various ways on a laboratory scale a mixture of propan ol and propan ol can be prepared from propene in two steps in step propene reacts with cold concentrated sulfuric acid to form intermediate compounds in step the intermediate compounds react with water to form the mixture of alcohols name and outline the mechanism for the reaction between propene and concentrated sulfuric acid to form the intermediate compound which gives propan ol in step explain why propan ol is the major product of this preparation marks wmp jun chem do not write outside the box b on an industrial scale ethanol can be produced from ethene by direct hydration or from glucose by fermentation state the conditions for the direct hydration reaction state two advantages and two disadvantages of the fermentation method compared with the direct hydration method marks end of questions wmp jun chem

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