AQA AS Jun 2016 Paper 2 Q4

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10The compounds in Table 2 all have a relative molecular mass of 58.0 Table 2 Name Propanal Prop-2-en-1-ol Butane Structure . 1 Explain why determining the precise relative molecular mass of propanal and prop-2-en-1-ol by mass spectrometry could not be used to distinguish between samples of these two compounds. [2 marks] . 2 The infrared spectrum of one of these three compounds is shown in Figure 4. Figure 4 Wavenumber /cm1 0 4 0 4 Transmittance /% *10* Use the spectrum to identify the compound. State the bond that you used to identify the compound and give its wavenumber range. You should only consider absorptions with wavenumbers greater than 1500 cm1. [2 marks] Compound Bond used to identify compound Wavenumber range of bond used to identify compound cm1 M/JUN16/7404/2<br />
 11. 3 Predict the relative boiling points of these three compounds from the highest to the lowest boiling points. Justify this order in terms of intermolecular forces. 0 4 *11* [6 marks] Turn overM/JUN16/7404/2<br />

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