AQA Jun 2013 Paper 1 Q7

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section b answer all questions in the spaces provided do not write outside the box a zinc forms many different salts including zinc sulfate zinc chloride and zinc fluoride people who have a zinc deficiency can take hydrated zinc sulfate znso xh o as a dietary supplement a student heated g of hydrated zinc sulfate and obtained g of anhydrous zinc sulfate use these data to calculate the value of the integer x in znso xh o show your working marks wmp jun chem do not write outside the box b zinc chloride can be prepared in the laboratory by the reaction between zinc oxide and hydrochloric acid the equation for the reaction is zno hcl zncl h o a mol sample of pure zinc oxide was added to cm of mol dm hydrochloric acid calculate the maximum mass of anhydrous zinc chloride that could be obtained from the products of this reaction marks question continues on the next page turn over wmp jun chem do not write outside the box c zinc chloride can also be prepared in the laboratory by the reaction between zinc and hydrogen chloride gas zn hcl zncl h an impure sample of zinc powder with a mass of g was reacted with hydrogen chloride gas until the reaction was complete the zinc chloride produced had a mass of g calculate the percentage purity of the zinc metal give your answer to significant figures marks d predict the type of crystal structure in solid zinc fluoride and explain why its melting point is high marks wmp jun chem a the structure of the bromoalkane z is do not write outside the box ch ch ch br ch give the iupac name for z give the general formula of the homologous series of straight chain bromoalkanes that contains one bromine atom per molecule suggest one reason why bromohexane has a higher boiling point than z marks extra space b draw the displayed formula of dichloro methylpropane state its empirical formula marks end of questions wmp jun chem

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