AQA Jun 2013 Paper 1 Q4

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do not write outside the box a fritz haber a german chemist first manufactured ammonia in ammonia is very soluble in water state the strongest type of intermolecular force between one molecule of ammonia and one molecule of water mark b draw a diagram to show how one molecule of ammonia is attracted to one molecule of water include all partial charges and all lone pairs of electrons in your diagram marks c phosphine ph has a structure similar to ammonia in terms of intermolecular forces suggest the main reason why phosphine is almost insoluble in water mark turn over wmp jun chem do not write outside the box aluminium and thallium are elements in group of the periodic table both elements form compounds and ions containing chlorine and bromine a write an equation for the formation of aluminium chloride from its elements mark b an aluminium chloride molecule reacts with a chloride ion to form the alcl ion name the type of bond formed in this reaction explain how this type of bond is formed in the alcl ion type of bond explanation marks c aluminium chloride has a relative molecular mass of in the gas phase deduce the formula of the aluminium compound that has a relative molecular mass of mark d deduce the name or formula of a compound that has the same number of atoms the same number of electrons and the same shape as the alcl ion mark e draw and name the shape of the tlbr ion shape of the tlbr ion name of shape marks wmp jun chem

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