AQA Jun 2013 Paper 1 Q5

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do not write outside the box aluminium and thallium are elements in group of the periodic table both elements form compounds and ions containing chlorine and bromine a write an equation for the formation of aluminium chloride from its elements mark b an aluminium chloride molecule reacts with a chloride ion to form the alcl ion name the type of bond formed in this reaction explain how this type of bond is formed in the alcl ion type of bond explanation marks c aluminium chloride has a relative molecular mass of in the gas phase deduce the formula of the aluminium compound that has a relative molecular mass of mark d deduce the name or formula of a compound that has the same number of atoms the same number of electrons and the same shape as the alcl ion mark e draw and name the shape of the tlbr ion shape of the tlbr ion name of shape marks wmp jun chem f i draw the shape of the tlcl ion do not write outside the box mark f ii explain why the tlcl ion has the shape that you have drawn in part f i mark g which one of the first second or third ionisations of thallium produces an ion with the electron configuration xe d s tick one box first second third mark turn over wmp jun chem do not write outside the box the elements in period show periodic trends a identify the period element from carbon to fluorine that has the largest atomic radius explain your answer element explanation marks b state the general trend in first ionisation energies from carbon to neon deduce the element that deviates from this trend and explain why this element deviates from the trend trend element that deviates explanation marks c write an equation including state symbols for the reaction that occurs when the first ionisation energy of carbon is measured mark wmp jun chem

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