AQA Jun 2010 Paper 2 Q7

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do not write outside the box chlorine is a useful industrial chemical a chlorine gas is used in the manufacture of chlorine containing organic compounds a i write equations for the following steps in the mechanism for the reaction of chlorine with ethane to form chloroethane ch ch cl initiation step first propagation step second propagation step a termination step producing butane marks a ii give one essential condition and name the type of mechanism in this reaction of chlorine with ethane essential condition type of mechanism marks wmp jun chem do not write outside the box b chlorine reacts with cold water b i write an equation for this reaction mark b ii give one large scale application of the use of chlorine in water explain why it is used in this application even though chlorine is very toxic do not include cost example of application explanation of use marks b iii two different chlorine containing compounds are formed when chlorine reacts with cold dilute sodium hydroxide solution one of these compounds is sodium chloride name the other chlorine containing compound formed mark c chlorine is used in the extraction of bromine from seawater c i write the simplest ionic equation for the reaction of chlorine with bromide ions mark c ii explain why bromine has a higher boiling point than chlorine marks turn over wmp jun chem

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