AQA Jun 2010 Paper 2 Q3

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do not write outside the box sulfuric acid is made from so which can be manufactured in a series of stages from iron ii disulfide fes found in the mineral iron pyrites a in the first stage fes is roasted in air to form iron iii oxide and sulfur dioxide a i balance the following equation for this reaction fes o fe o so mark a ii deduce the oxidation state of sulfur in each of the following compounds so fes marks b in the second stage of the manufacture of sulfuric acid sulfur dioxide reacts with oxygen the equation for the equilibrium that is established is shown below so g o g so g h kj mol state and explain the effect of an increase in temperature on the equilibrium yield of so effect of increase in temperature on yield explanation marks extra space c in the extraction of iron carbon monoxide reacts with iron iii oxide write an equation for this reaction and state the role of the carbon monoxide equation role of the carbon monoxide marks turn over wmp jun chem

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