AQA Jun 2010 Paper 2 Q6

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the alkene z methylpent ene reacts with hydrogen bromide as shown below do not write outside the box ch ch ch c c ch hbr hbr ch ch br ch ch ch major product p minor product q a i name the major product p mark a ii name the mechanism for these reactions mark a iii draw the displayed formula for the minor product q and state the type of structural isomerism shown by p and q displayed formula for q type of structural isomerism marks a iv draw the structure of the e stereoisomer of methylpent ene mark wmp jun chem do not write outside the box b the infrared spectra of two compounds r and s are shown below r and s have the molecular formula c h and are structural isomers of methylpent ene r is an unsaturated hydrocarbon and s is a saturated hydrocarbon spectrum transmittance wavenumber cm spectrum transmittance wavenumber cm b i identify the infrared spectrum or that represents compound r use information from the infrared spectra to give one reason for your answer you may find it helpful to refer to table on the data sheet r is represented by spectrum reason marks b ii state the type of structural isomerism shown by r and s mark b iii name one possible compound which could be s mark turn over wmp jun chem

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