OCR A Jun 2014 Paper 2 Q6

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(a) Reaction rates can be increased or decreased by changing conditions of temperature and pressure. 14 (i) Explain how increasing the temperature increases the rate of reaction. Include a labelled sketch of the Boltzmann distribution, on the grid below. Label the axes. Your answer needs to be clear and well organised using the correct terminology.[4]OCR 2014<br />
 (ii) Describe and explain the effect of decreasing the pressure on the rate of a reaction. 15[2] (b) Catalysts are used to speed up chemical reactions. (i) Write an equation for an industrial preparation of ethanol which involves the use of an enzyme in yeast. State a suitable temperature for this reaction and one other essential condition. equationtemperatureC. condition[2] (ii) Catalytic converters are used to decrease the emission of nitrogen monoxide and carbon monoxide from the internal combustion engine. These two gases react together on the surface of the catalyst. Write an equation for this reaction.[1] [Total: 9]OCR 2014 Turn over<br />

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