OCR A Jun 2014 Paper 2 Q5

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5 Chloroethene, CH2CHCl, can be polymerised to form poly(chloroethene). (a) Write an equation, using displayed formulae, to show the formation of this polymer. 12 (b) Incineration of plastics containing poly(chloroethene) produces waste gases that can damage the environment. [2] Incineration carried out in the presence of oxygen produces carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrogen chloride as waste gases and one other non-toxic product. (i) Write an equation for the incineration of the monomer, chloroethene, with oxygen. (ii) Chemists have developed ways of removing hydrogen chloride from these waste gases. Sodium hydrogencarbonate, NaHCO3(s), is frequently used in industry for this purpose. Explain how sodium hydrogencarbonate removes hydrogen chloride.[1] [1] (c) Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that is linked to global warming. The greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is dependent on two factors. What are these two factors? 12[2]OCR 2014<br />
 (d) Chemists are trying to minimise climate change as a result of global warming. 13 One way is to use Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). One method of CCS is to react the carbon dioxide with metal oxides. (i) Write an equation to illustrate this method of CCS.[1] (ii) State one other method of CCS.[1] [Total: 8]OCR 2014 Turn over<br />

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