OCR A Jun 2015 Paper 1 Q5

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5 Calcium is in Group 2 of the Periodic Table. 12 The diagram shows some reactions of calcium and its compounds. Calcium Calcium carbonate Reaction 1 Reaction 2 Calcium oxide Calcium hydroxide (a) Reactions 1 and 2 both form calcium oxide. (i) Write the equation for reaction 1.[1] (ii) What type of reaction is reaction 2?[1] (b) Calcium hydroxide is both a base and an alkali. Refer to any relevant ions in your answer. Explain what is meant by the terms base and alkali. BaseAlkali[2]OCR 2015<br />
 13 (c) A student prepared some calcium hydroxide by adding a small piece of calcium to a large excess of water. Describe what the student would observe and write the equation for the reaction. ObservationEquation[2] (d) A student prepares a solution of calcium nitrate from calcium carbonate. What reagent would the student need to use? Write the equation for the reaction. ReagentEquation[2] [Total: 8]OCR 2015 Turn over<br />

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