OCR A Jun 2015 Paper 1 Q2

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This question is about compounds of Group 3 elements. (a) Aluminium will combine directly with fluorine. Write the equation for the reaction between aluminium and fluorine.[1] (b) Solid aluminium fluoride has a giant ionic lattice structure. (i) Describe what is meant by the term ionic lattice, in terms of the type and arrangement of particles present.[2] (ii) Draw a dot-and-crossdiagram for aluminium fluoride. Show outer electrons only. [2]OCR 2015 Turn over<br />
 (c) Solid boron tribromide has a simple molecular lattice structure. The atoms are held together by covalent bonds. (i) What is meant by the term covalent bond ?[1] (ii) Draw a dot-and-crossdiagram to show the bonding in a boron tribromide molecule. Show outer electrons only. (d) State whether the following substances conduct electricity when solid or molten, and explain your answers in terms of the particles involved: [1]aluminium aluminium fluoride boron tribromide. In your answer you should use appropriate technical terms, spelled correctly.[5]OCR 2015<br />
 (e) Aluminium has 13 successive ionisation energies. (i) Write the equation for the third ionisation energy of aluminium. Include state symbols.[1] (ii) On the axes below, add crosses to show the 13 successive ionisation energies of aluminium. The value for the first ionisation energy has been completed for you. You do not have to join the crosses. y g r e n e n o i t a s n o 10 11 12 13 ionisation energy number [2] [Total: 15]OCR 2015 Turn over<br />

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