AQA Jun 2014 Paper 5 Q3

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do not write outside the box a this question is about some period elements and their oxides describe what you would observe when in the absence of air magnesium is heated strongly with water vapour at temperatures above k write an equation for the reaction that occurs marks observations equation b explain why magnesium has a higher melting point than sodium marks extra space c state the structure of and bonding in silicon dioxide other than a high melting point give two physical properties of silicon dioxide that are characteristic of its structure and bonding marks structure bonding physical property physical property wmp jun chem d give the formula of the species in a sample of solid phosphorus v oxide state the structure of and describe fully the bonding in this oxide do not write outside the box marks formula structure bonding e sulfur iv oxide reacts with water to form a solution containing ions write an equation for this reaction mark f write an equation for the reaction between the acidic oxide phosphorus v oxide and the basic oxide magnesium oxide mark turn over for the next question turn over wmp jun chem

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