AQA Jun 2014 Paper 4 Q7

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section b do not write outside the box answer all questions in the spaces provided a ester and ester were studied by h n m r spectroscopy ch c o ch ch ch ch c o ch ester ester one of the two esters produced this spectrum ppm deduce which of the two esters produced the spectrum shown in your answer explain the position and splitting of the quartet peak at ppm in the spectrum predict the value of the quartet peak in the spectrum of the other ester use table b on the data sheet marks wmp jun chem do not write outside the box b cetrimide is used as an antiseptic ch ch n ch br cetrimide name this type of compound give the reagent that must be added to ch ch nh to make cetrimide and state the reaction conditions name the type of mechanism involved in this reaction marks c give a reagent that could be used in a test tube reaction to distinguish between benzene and cyclohexene describe what you would see when the reagent is added to each compound and the test tube is shaken marks turn over wmp jun chem

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