AQA Jun 2014 Paper 4 Q6

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do not write outside the box lysine and alanine are two amino acids ch h n ch c cooh h c cooh nh lysine nh alanine a give the iupac name of lysine mark b b i draw structures to show the product formed in each case when lysine reacts with an excess of aqueous hcl b ii an excess of aqueous naoh b iii methanol in the presence of a small amount of concentrated h so mark mark mark wmp jun chem do not write outside the box c the mass spectrum of alanine gives a major peak at m z write an equation for the fragmentation of the molecular ion of alanine to give an ion that produces this peak in your answer draw the displayed formula for this fragment ion marks d draw a dipeptide formed from one molecule of lysine and one molecule of alanine mark e the dipeptide in question d is hydrolysed in acid conditions and the mixture produced is analysed by column chromatography the column is packed with a resin which acts as a polar stationary phase suggest why lysine leaves the column after alanine marks turn over wmp jun chem

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