AQA Jun 2012 Paper 2 Q4

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do not write outside the box metals can be extracted by different methods a give one reason why titanium cannot be extracted directly from titanium iv oxide using carbon mark b titanium steel is an alloy of titanium and iron titanium steel is extracted from the mineral ilmenite fetio in a two stage process purified fetio is first converted into a mixture of two metal chlorides these two metal chlorides are then reduced simultaneously using sodium b i write an equation for the reaction of fetio with chlorine and carbon to produce iron iii chloride fecl titanium iv chloride and carbon monoxide mark b ii write an equation for the simultaneous reduction of the mixture of iron iii chloride and titanium iv chloride to iron and titanium using sodium mark wmp jun chem do not write outside the box c scrap iron is used to extract copper from dilute aqueous solutions containing copper ii ions explain in terms of redox what happens to the copper ii ions in this extraction marks d aluminium is an expensive metal because it is extracted from molten aluminium oxide using electrolysis write the half equation for the reaction that occurs at the positive electrode during this extraction mark turn over for the next question turn over wmp jun chem

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