AQA Jan 2011 Paper 2 Q6

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do not write outside the box a a student used the infrared spectra of water vapour and of carbon dioxide to try to find a link between infrared radiation and global warming infrared spectrum of water vapour e transmittance wavenumber cm infrared spectrum of carbon dioxide transmittance wavenumber cm a i use information from the infrared spectra to deduce one reason why the student concluded that water vapour is a more effective greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide mark a ii use your knowledge of the bonds in co to state why the infrared spectrum of carbon dioxide is not as might be predicted from the data provided in table on the data sheet marks wmp jan chem do not write outside the box b the initiatives to decrease the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere include the use of carbon neutral fuels and the development of carbon capture the mineral serpentine mg si o oh has been proposed as a solid for the capture of carbon dioxide gas b i give the meaning of the term carbon neutral as applied to a fuel mark extra space b ii balance the following equation for the reaction of serpentine with carbon dioxide mg si o oh co mgco sio h o turn over for the next question mark turn over wmp jan chem

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