AQA Jan 2011 Paper 2 Q1

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section a answer all questions in the spaces provided do not write outside the box oxygen and ozone o both occur as gases in the upper atmosphere chlorine atoms catalyse the decomposition of ozone and contribute to the formation of a hole in the ozone layer these chlorine atoms are formed from chlorofluorocarbons cfcs such as cf cl a i give the iupac name of cf cl mark a ii complete the following equation that shows the formation of a chlorine atom from a molecule of cf cl cl cl cid mark a iii state what the cid represents in cl cid mark b write two equations that show how chlorine atoms catalyse the decomposition of ozone into oxygen equation equation marks wmp jan chem do not write outside the box c an equilibrium is established between oxygen and ozone molecules as shown below o g o g h kj mol c i state le chatelier s principle mark extra space c ii use le chatelier s principle to explain how an increase in temperature causes an increase in the equilibrium yield of ozone marks extra space d chemists supported the legislation to ban the use of cfcs modern refrigerators use pentane rather than cfcs as refrigerants with reference to its formula state why pentane is a more environmentally acceptable refrigerant mark extra space turn over wmp jan chem

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