AQA Jan 2010 Paper 5 Q5

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the simplified diagram below shows how the entropy of ammonia varies with temperature at a pressure of kpa in this diagram ammonia is a solid at point a and a gas at point f areas outside the box will not be scanned for marking s j k mol temperature k a state why the entropy value for ammonia is equal to zero at k mark b explain in terms of the movement of particles why the entropy value increases between points a and b on the diagram mark c temperature t is marked on the diagram what does the value of this temperature represent mark d explain why there is a large entropy change between points d and e on the diagram marks wmp jan chem e an equation for the reaction in the haber process is shown below together with some entropy data areas outside the box will not be scanned for marking n g h g nh g h kj mol s j k mol n g h g nh g e i calculate a value for the entropy change s for the formation of one mole of ammonia marks e ii give the equation that relates free energy change g to enthalpy change h and entropy change s use this equation to calculate the temperature at which the value of g for the formation of ammonia in the haber process if you have been unable to calculate an answer to part e i you may assume that s j k mol but this is not the correct value equation calculation marks extra space e iii what can you deduce about the formation of ammonia if the reaction mixture is heated to a temperature above the value that you have calculated in part e ii mark turn over wmp jan chem

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