OCR A Jun 2010 Paper 4 Q5

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5 Hydroxyamines are organic compounds containing hydroxyl and amino functional groups. 12 (a) Salbutamol is a hydoxyamine used in the treatment of asthma and bronchitis. Salbutamol is an example of a chiral drug. (i) Draw a circle around the chiral carbon in the structure of salbutamol shown below. OH HO HO salbutamol (ii) Suggest possible problems of making a chiral drug such as salbutamol and describe two ways that the pharmaceutical industry might overcome these problems. [1][4]OCR 2010<br />
 13 (b) Monoethanolamine, MEA, H2NCH2CH2OH, is a hydroxyamine that is used in aqueous solution as a gas scrubber to remove acidic gases from emissions in incinerators. MEA is prepared industrially by reacting ammonia with epoxyethane. H2C CH2 epoxyethane (i) Write an equation for the industrial preparation of MEA. (ii) During the manufacture of MEA, a compound with molecular formula C4H11NO2 is also formed. Draw the structure of the compound with molecular formula C4H11NO2. [1] (c) The combustion of some polymers produces emissions containing toxic acidic gases such as HCl and H2S. MEA can remove HCl and H2S from the emissions. [1] Give the formula of the organic salts formed when MEA removes: (i) HCl, (ii) H2S. [1] [1] TURN OVER FOR QUESTION 5 PARTS (d) AND (e)OCR 2010 Turn over<br />
 (d) MEA, H2NCH2CH2OH, can be oxidised to form an -amino acid. 14 (i) Explain what is meant by an -amino acid.[1] (ii) Write an equation for the oxidation of MEA to form an -amino acid. Use [O] to represent the oxidising agent.[1] (e) Isomers F and G are hydroxyamines each with the molecular formula C4H11NO. Isomer F can be dehydrated to form the cyclic compound NH Isomer G has two chiral centres. Identify and draw the structural isomers F and G. isomer F isomer G [2] [Total: 13] END OF QUESTION PAPEROCR 2010<br />

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