OCR A Jan 2011 Paper 4 Q3

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3 Safranal, shown below, is an aldehyde which contributes to the aroma of saffron. H3C CH3 CH3 safranal An undergraduate chemist investigated some reactions of safranal. (a) She prepared a solution of Tollens reagent and added a few drops of safranal. She then warmed the mixture for about 5 minutes in a water bath. Describe what you would expect the chemist to see. State the type of reaction that the safranal undergoes. Draw the structure of the organic product formed in this reaction.[3]OCR 2011<br />
 (b) The chemist then reduced safranal using an aqueous solution of NaBH4. Outline the mechanism for this reaction. Use curly arrows and show any relevant dipoles. can be used to represent safranal. [4] (c) Suggest one reaction of safranal that does not involve the aldehyde group. State the reagent, observation (if any) and draw the organic product. reagentobservationorganic product [3] [Total: 10]OCR 2011 Turn over<br />

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