OCR A Jun 2016 Paper 2 Q1

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Answer all the questions. 1 Compound A is an unsaturated hydrocarbon that can be used as the starting material for the production of organic compounds. compound A (a) What is the molecular formula of compound A?[1] (b) The flowchart shows three addition reactions of compound A. (i) In the boxes below, show the structures of the organic products formed in the reactions. Br2 H2/Ni compound A H2O mixture of isomers [4] (ii) What are the essential conditions for the reaction of compound A with H2O?[2]OCR 2016<br />
 (iii) Using curly arrows, outline the mechanism for the reaction of compound A with Br2. (iv) Name the mechanism in part (iii).[1] [Total: 11] [3]OCR 2016 Turn over<br />

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