OCR A Jun 2013 Paper 2 Q4

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Iodine monobromide, IBr, has a permanent dipole. Alkenes react with IBr in a similar way to the reactions of alkenes with HBr. (a) Propene reacts with IBr to make two possible organic products. One of these products is 2-bromo-1-iodopropane. (i) Using the curly arrow model, complete the mechanism to make 2-bromo-1-iodopropane. CH3 (cid:44) + Br(cid:44) CH3 Br (ii) What is the name of this mechanism?[1] (iii) Draw the structure of the other possible organic product of the reaction of propene with IBr. [3] [1]OCR 2013 Turn over<br />
 (b) Methane reacts with IBr to form many products. 10 Two of these products are iodomethane and hydrogen bromide. (i) Suggest the essential condition needed for this reaction.[1] (ii) The mechanism of the reaction involves three steps, one of which is called termination. Describe the mechanism of the reaction that forms iodomethane and hydrogen bromide. Include in your answer:the name of the mechanism the names for the other two steps of the mechanism equations for these two steps of the mechanism the type of bond fission one equation for a termination step. Your answer should link the named steps to the relevant equations.OCR 2013<br />
 11[7] [Total: 13]OCR 2013 Turn over<br />

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