OCR A Jun 2011 Paper 2 Q6

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18 6 Plastics contain polymer molecules. The disposal of waste plastics is causing many environmental problems. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there is a huge area of sea water contaminated with very small pieces of plastic waste. In some parts of the Pacific Ocean, there are as many as one third of a million of small pieces of plastic waste per square kilometre of ocean. (a) A short section of one of the polymers found in the Pacific Ocean is shown below. C2H5 C2H5 (i) Name and draw the structure of the monomer used to produce this polymer. name of monomer:structure: (ii) The short section of poly(ethenol) is shown below. [2] OH OH Large quantities of poly(ethene) and poly(ethenol) are disposed of each year. Poly(ethene) is found as a waste plastic in the Pacific Ocean but poly(ethenol) is not because it slowly dissolves in water. Suggest why poly(ethenol) dissolves in water.[2]OCR 2011<br />
 (b) One way of disposing of poly(chloroethene) is incineration. 19 This process can cause environmental damage. Incineration produces a mixture of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrogen chloride. Carbon dioxide can cause climate change because it is a greenhouse gas.Describe examples of environmental damage that may result from carbon monoxide and hydrogen chloride.Outline the methods developed by chemists to reduce environmental damage caused by incineration.[4] (c) Explain why it is important to establish international cooperation to reduce the pollution levels of waste plastics.[2]OCR 2011 [Total: 10] Turn over<br />

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