OCR A Jun 2010 Paper 2 Q7

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7 Compound G was extracted from the leaves of a plant. A sample of G was analysed by a research chemist. A summary of the chemists results is shown in the table. 22 type of analysis evidence infrared spectroscopy absorptions at 1080, 1720 and a very broad absorption at 2900 cm1 percentage composition by mass C, 26.7%; H, 2.22%; O, 71.1% volumetric analysis 0.00105 mol of G has a mass of 0.0945 g Use this information to suggest a possible structure for compound G. In your answer, you should make clear how your explanation is linked to the evidence.OCR 2010<br />
 23[8] [Total: 8] END OF QUESTION PAPEROCR 2010<br />

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