OCR A Jan 2012 Paper 2 Q6

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6 Mass spectrometry is used in analysis. 16 (a) Compound O contains carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The mass spectrum of compound O is shown below. 100 80 60 40 20 relative abundance (%) 10 15 20 25 35 40 45 30 m / z (i) Identify the m/z value that corresponds to the molecular ion.[1] (ii) Write the formula of the ion that gives rise to the peak at m / z = 31.[1] (iii) Suggest the molecular formula for O.[1]OCR 2012<br />
 (b) A scientist analyses a sample of Moon rock. She uses mass spectrometry to find out which metal the sample contains. 17 The mass spectrum of the sample shows m/z peaks as shown in the table. m/z value percentage abundance (%) 63 65 72.2 27.8 Positive ions, X+, of the metal were responsible for the two m/z peaks. Identify the metal X by calculating its relative atomic mass to one decimal place. relative atomic mass of X =metal X =[3] [Total: 6]OCR 2012 Turn over<br />

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