OCR A Jan 2010 Paper 2 Q7

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There is much international concern that an increase in atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane may lead to global warming and climate change. 18 (a) Carbon dioxide and methane are both greenhouse gases. (i) What type of radiation is absorbed by methane molecules and what effect does this radiation have on these molecules?[2] (ii) Some scientists are more concerned about carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas than methane. Suggest why.[1] (b) Describe ways that research chemists are trying to minimise climate change resulting from global warming caused by the release of greenhouse gases.[5]OCR 2010<br />
 19 (c) Research scientists working in the Antarctic have measured the concentration of carbon dioxide in the ice. This study has allowed the scientists to estimate the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide over many thousands of years. The graphs below show these atmospheric concentrations and the corresponding average surface temperature. CO2 / ppm change in temperature / C 300 280 260 240 220 200 180 160 0 4 2 0 2 4 6 8 10 40 20 age (thousands of years before present) 120 140 160 100 60 80 present day temperature 40 20 age (thousands of years before present) 120 140 160 100 60 80 Do the graphs provide reliable evidence that an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration will result in global warming? Explain your answer.[2]OCR 2010 END OF QUESTION PAPER [Total: 10]<br />

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