OCR A Jun 2010 Paper 1 Q1

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Answer all the questions. Tin mining was common practice on Dartmoor in pre-Roman times. Most of the tin extracted was mixed with copper to produce bronze. (a) The table below shows the sub-atomic particles of an isotope of tin. isotope protons neutrons electrons 118Sn (i) Complete the table. [1] (ii) In terms of sub-atomic particles, how would atoms of 120Sn differ from atoms of 118Sn?[1] (b) The relative atomic mass of tin is 118.7. Define the term relative atomic mass.[3] (c) A bronze-age shield found on Dartmoor contained 2.08 kg of tin. Calculate the number of tin atoms in this bronze shield. Give your answer to three significant figures.OCR 2010 answer =[2]<br />
 (d) Tin ore, known as cassiterite, contains an oxide of tin. This oxide contains 78.8% tin by mass. Calculate the empirical formula of this oxide. You must show your working. answer =[2] [Total: 9]OCR 2010 Turn over<br />

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