OCR A Jun 2009 Paper 1 Q2

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This question compares the bonding, structure and properties of sodium and sodium oxide. (a) Sodium, Na, is a metallic element. Explain, with the aid of a labelled diagram, what is meant by the term metallic bonding.[3] (b) Sodium reacts with oxygen to form sodium oxide, Na2O, which is an ionic compound. (i) Write the equation for the reaction of sodium with oxygen to form sodium oxide.[1] (ii) State what is meant by the term ionic bond.[1] (iii) Draw a dot-and-cross diagram to show the bonding in Na2O. Show outer electrons only. [2]OCR 2009<br />
 (c) Compare and explain the electrical conductivities of sodium and sodium oxide in the solid and liquid states.[5] [Total: 12]OCR 2009 Turn over<br />

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