AQA Jun 2015 Paper 2 Q2

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do not write outside the box the following pairs of compounds can be distinguished by simple test tube reactions for each pair of compounds give a reagent or combination of reagents that when added separately to each compound could be used to distinguish between them state what is observed in each case a butan ol and methylpropan ol marks reagent observation with butan ol observation with methylpropan ol b propane and propene marks reagent observation with propane observation with propene wmp jun chem c aqueous silver nitrate and aqueous sodium nitrate do not write outside the box marks reagent observation with aqueous silver nitrate observation with aqueous sodium nitrate d aqueous magnesium chloride and aqueous barium chloride marks reagent observation with aqueous magnesium chloride observation with aqueous barium chloride turn over for the next question turn over wmp jun chem there are no questions printed on this page do not write on this page answer in the spaces provided wmp jun chem

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