AQA Jun 2015 Paper 1 Q2

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do not write outside the box a tellurium is the element with atomic number of using information from the periodic table complete the electron configuration of tellurium mark kr b the mass spectrum of a sample of tellurium is shown in figure figure relative abundance m z ratio b i use figure to calculate the relative atomic mass of this sample of tellurium give your answer to one decimal place marks b ii suggest what might cause the relative atomic mass of this sample to be different from the relative atomic mass given in the periodic table mark wmp jun chem do not write outside the box c write an equation for the reaction that occurs when a tellurium ion hits the detector mark d state the m z value of the ions that produce the biggest current at the detector when the spectrum in figure is recorded give a reason for your answer marks m z value reason e the mass spectrum of tellurium also has a small peak at m z explain the existence of this peak marks f predict whether the atomic radius of te is larger than smaller than or the same as the atomic radius of te explain your answer marks atomic radius of te compared to te explanation turn over wmp jun chem

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