AQA Jun 2014 Paper 1 Q3

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do not write outside the box a nickel is a metal with a high melting point a i state the block in the periodic table that contains nickel mark a ii explain in terms of its structure and bonding why nickel has a high melting point marks a iii draw a labelled diagram to show the arrangement of particles in a crystal of nickel in your answer include at least six particles of each type marks a iv explain why nickel is ductile can be stretched into wires mark wmp jun chem do not write outside the box b nickel forms the compound nickel ii chloride nicl b i give the full electron configuration of the ni ion mark b ii balance the following equation to show how anhydrous nickel ii chloride can be obtained from the hydrated salt using socl identify one substance that could react with both gaseous products nicl h o s socl g nicl s so g hcl g substance marks turn over for the next question turn over wmp jun chem do not write outside the box a ammonia gas readily condenses to form a liquid when cooled a i name the strongest attractive force between two ammonia molecules mark a ii draw a diagram to show how two ammonia molecules interact with each other in the liquid phase include all partial charges and all lone pairs of electrons in your diagram marks b ammonia reacts with boron trichloride to form a molecule with the following structure n b h h h cl cl cl state how the bond between ammonia and boron trichloride is formed mark wmp jun chem

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