AQA Jun 2011 Paper 5 Q1

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section a answer all questions in the spaces provided do not write outside the box thermodynamics can be used to investigate the changes that occur when substances such as calcium fluoride dissolve in water a give the meaning of each of the following terms a i enthalpy of lattice formation for calcium fluoride marks a ii enthalpy of hydration for fluoride ions mark b explain the interactions between water molecules and fluoride ions when the fluoride ions become hydrated marks wmp jun chem do not write outside the box c consider the following data enthalpy of lattice formation for caf enthalpy of hydration for ca ions enthalpy of hydration for f ions h kj mol use these data to calculate a value for the enthalpy of solution for caf marks turn over for the next question turn over wmp jun chem there are no questions printed on this page do not write on this page answer in the spaces provided wmp jun chem

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