AQA Jun 2011 Paper 1 Q7

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do not write outside the box pentane is a member of the alkane homologous series a give the general formula for the homologous series of alkanes mark b one of the structural isomers of pentane is dimethylpropane draw the displayed formula of dimethylpropane state the type of structural isomerism shown marks wmp jun chem do not write outside the box c a molecule of hydrocarbon y can be thermally cracked to form one molecule of pentane and two molecules of ethene only deduce the molecular formula of y state why high temperatures are necessary for cracking reactions to occur give one reason why thermal cracking reactions are carried out in industry marks extra space d write an equation for the incomplete combustion of pentane to form a solid pollutant suggest why this solid pollutant is an environmental problem marks extra space question continues on the next page turn over wmp jun chem do not write outside the box e pentane can react with chlorine as shown in the following equation c h cl c h cl hcl calculate the percentage atom economy for the formation of c h cl deduce how many straight chain isomers of c h cl could be formed marks extra space f consider the following compound h cl cl h h c c c c h h h h c h h c h name this compound deduce the empirical formula of this compound marks copyright aqa and its licensors all rights reserved end of questions wmp jun chem

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