AQA Jun 2010 Paper 1 Q6

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do not write outside the box pent ene is a member of the alkene homologous series a pent ene can be separated from other alkenes state the physical property of alkenes that allows them to be separated from a mixture by fractional distillation mark b i state the meaning of the term structural isomerism marks b ii name the branched chain isomer of pent ene shown below ch ch cc mark b iii draw the structure of a functional group isomer of pent ene mark wmp jun chem do not write outside the box c the cracking of one molecule of compound x produces pent ene ethene and butane in a mol ratio deduce the molecular formula of x and state a use for the ethene formed molecular formula of x use of ethene marks turn over for the next question turn over wmp jun chem section b answer all questions in the spaces provided do not write outside the box iodine and graphite are both solids when iodine is heated gently a purple vapour is seen graphite will not melt until the temperature reaches k graphite conducts electricity but iodine is a very poor conductor of electricity a state the type of crystal structure for each of iodine and graphite marks b describe the structure of and bonding in graphite and explain why the melting point of graphite is very high marks extra space wmp jun chem

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