AQA Jan 2013 Paper 4 Q8

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do not write outside the box acyl chlorides such as ch cocl are useful compounds in synthesis the acyl chloride ch cocl reacts with benzene a a i write an equation for this reaction and name the organic product identify a catalyst for the reaction write an equation to show how this catalyst reacts with ch cocl to produce a reactive intermediate marks a ii name and outline a mechanism for the reaction of benzene with the reactive intermediate in part a i name of mechanism mechanism question continues on the next page marks turn over wmp jan chem do not write outside the box b nucleophiles such as alcohols can react with ch cocl the ion ch coo can act as a nucleophile in a similar way state the meaning of the term nucleophile draw the structure of the organic product formed by the reaction of ch coo with ch cocl name the functional group produced in this reaction marks end of questions copyright aqa and its licensors all rights reserved wmp jan chem

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