AQA Jan 2012 Paper 4 Q2

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do not write outside the box at high temperatures and in the presence of a catalyst sulfur trioxide decomposes according to the following equation so g so g o g h kj mol a in an experiment mol of sulfur trioxide were placed in a container of volume dm and allowed to come to equilibrium at temperature t there were mol of oxygen in the equilibrium mixture a i calculate the amount in moles of sulfur trioxide and of sulfur dioxide in the equilibrium mixture amount of sulfur trioxide amount of sulfur dioxide marks a ii write an expression for the equilibrium constant kc for this equilibrium mark a iii deduce the units of kc for this equilibrium mark a iv calculate a value of kc for this equilibrium at temperature t if you were unable to complete the calculations in part a i you should assume that the amount of sulfur trioxide in the equilibrium mixture was mol and the amount of sulfur dioxide was mol these are not the correct values marks extra space wmp jan chem do not write outside the box b the experiment was repeated at the same temperature using the same amount of sulfur trioxide but in a larger container state the effect if any of this change on b i the amount in moles of oxygen in the new equilibrium mixture mark b ii the value of kc mark c the experiment was repeated in the original container but at temperature t the value of kc was smaller than the value at temperature t state which is the higher temperature t or t explain your answer higher temperature explanation marks extra space turn over wmp jan chem

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