AQA Jan 2012 Paper 2 Q1

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section a answer all questions in the spaces provided do not write outside the box the silicon chip industry requires the production of pure silicon silicon is extracted from its ore silicon dioxide sio by a process similar to that used in the extraction of titanium a i write an equation for the formation of sicl from sio using chlorine and carbon mark a ii suggest how the liquid sicl is purified mark b the final stage in the extraction of silicon involves the use of hydrogen gas to convert the sicl into silicon and hydrogen chloride b i write an equation for this reaction mark b ii state the role of hydrogen in this reaction mark b iii give one risk associated with the use of hydrogen gas mark c the magnesium used to make magnesium ferrosilicon alloys is extracted from magnesium oxide using silicon write an equation for this reaction to produce magnesium and silicon dioxide mark wmp jan chem

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