AQA Jan 2011 Paper 5 Q3

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do not write outside the box there is a link between the properties of the oxides of the period elements and their structure and bonding the table below shows the melting points of the oxides of some period elements tm k na o sio p o a in terms of crystal structure and bonding explain in each case why the melting points of sodium oxide and silicon dioxide are high na o sio marks b predict whether the melting point of lithium oxide is higher than the same as or lower than the melting point of sodium oxide and explain your prediction prediction explanation marks c phosphorus v oxide has a lower melting point than sodium oxide c i state the structure of and bonding in phosphorus v oxide marks wmp jan chem do not write outside the box c ii explain why the melting point of phosphorus v oxide is low mark d separate samples of phosphorus v oxide and sodium oxide were reacted with water in each case predict the ph of the solution formed and write an equation for the reaction ph with p o equation ph with na o equation marks e write an equation for the reaction between na o and p o state the general type of reaction illustrated by this example equation reaction type marks turn over for the next question turn over wmp jan chem there are no questions printed on this page do not write on this page answer in the spaces provided wmp jan chem

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