AQA Jan 2011 Paper 1 Q2

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do not write outside the box a indium is in group in the periodic table and exists as a mixture of the isotopes in and in use your understanding of the periodic table to complete the electron configuration of indium s s p s p s d p mark b a sample of indium must be ionised before it can be analysed in a mass spectrometer b i state what is used to ionise a sample of indium in a mass spectrometer mark b ii write an equation including state symbols for the ionisation of indium that requires the minimum energy mark b iii state why more than the minimum energy is not used to ionise the sample of indium mark b iv give two reasons why the sample of indium must be ionised reason reason marks wmp jan chem do not write outside the box c a mass spectrum of a sample of indium showed two peaks at m z and m z the relative atomic mass of this sample of indium is c i give the meaning of the term relative atomic mass marks c ii use these data to calculate the ratio of the relative abundances of the two isotopes marks extra space d state and explain the difference if any between the chemical properties of the isotopes in and in difference in chemical properties explanation marks e indium forms a compound x with hydrogen and oxygen compound x contains indium and hydrogen by mass calculate the empirical formula of compound x marks turn over wmp jan chem

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