AQA Jan 2010 Paper 4 Q1

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section a answer all questions in the spaces provided areas outside the box will not be scanned for marking a mixture was prepared using mol of propanoic acid mol of ethanol and mol of water at a given temperature the mixture was left to reach equilibrium according to the following equation ch ch cooh ch ch oh ch ch cooch ch h o h kj mol the equilibrium mixture contained mol of the ester ethyl propanoate a i calculate the amounts in moles of propanoic acid of ethanol and of water in this equilibrium mixture moles of propanoic acid moles of ethanol moles of water marks a ii write an expression for the equilibrium constant kc for this equilibrium mark a iii calculate a value for kc for this equilibrium at this temperature explain why this kc value has no units calculation explanation marks extra space wmp jan chem areas outside the box will not be scanned for marking b for this equilibrium predict the effect of an increase in temperature on each of the following b i the amount in moles of ester at equilibrium mark b ii the time taken to reach equilibrium mark b iii the value of kc mark turn over for the next question turn over wmp jan chem

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