AQA Jan 2010 Paper 2 Q1

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section a answer all questions in the spaces provided areas outside the box will not be scanned for marking hydrogen gas is used in the chemical industry a tungsten is extracted by passing hydrogen over heated tungsten oxide wo a i state the role of the hydrogen in this reaction mark a ii write an equation for this reaction mark a iii state one risk of using hydrogen gas in metal extractions mark b hydrogen is used to convert oleic acid into stearic acid as shown by the following equation ch ch ch ch ch cooh h c catalyst ch ch cooh oleic acid stearic acid b i use your knowledge of the chemistry of alkenes to deduce the type of reaction that has occurred in this conversion mark b ii state the type of stereoisomerism shown by oleic acid mark wmp jan chem c hydrogen reacts with nitrogen in the haber process the equation for the equilibrium that is established is shown below areas outside the box will not be scanned for marking n g h g nh g c i state le chatelier s principle mark c ii use le chatelier s principle to explain why an increase in the total pressure of this equilibrium results in an increase in the equilibrium yield of ammonia marks d hydrogen reacts with oxygen in an exothermic reaction as shown by the following equation h g o g h o g h kj mol use the information in the equation and the data in the following table to calculate a value for the bond enthalpy of the h h bond mean bond enthalpy kj mol o h o o marks extra space turn over wmp jan chem

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