AQA AS Jun 2016 Paper 1 Q2

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2 This question is about Period 3 of the Periodic Table. 0 2 Explain your answer. . 1 Deduce which of Na+ and Mg2+ is the smaller ion. Smaller ion Explanation [2 marks] energy for sodium is measured. . 2 Write an equation to represent the process that occurs when the first ionisation [1 mark] 0 2 *04* M/JUN16/7404/1<br />
 0 2 . 3 The first ionisation energies of some Period 3 elements are shown in Figure 1.Figure 1 Complete Figure 1 by plotting the approximate first ionisation energy values for magnesium and sulfur. Explain why the first ionisation energy of sulfur is different from that of phosphorus. [4 marks] Turn overM/Jun16/7404/1 *05*<br />

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