About us

Who am I?

Robert Wang

Admitted at Cambridge for Education with Chemistry

Google Science Fair Global Finalist

Singapore Chemistry Olympiad Round 2 ( Selected for International Olympiad training)

Cambridge Chemistry Challenge Roentgenium Prize

Why am I doing this?

We’re trying to make learning more fun.

There’s a ton of great resources out there and we want to help you to make full use of them!

Believe in our mission?  Email us at hello[at]learnah[dot]org 😀

What others say about the website?

I like the format, with notes and spec reference. It looks clean and attractive.

I just found this website and, as a student doing my exams in 2 months, am so grateful for the time spent to compile all these videos.

Your website is amazing. Thank you so much for it!

I’ve never heard of this website before, which is weird as it seems really useful for chemistry students!

I love how you can get explanations on several chemistry topics, and it will definitely be useful when I prep for my exams.