AQA Jun 2013 Paper 5 Q5

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do not write outside the box an electrochemical cell is shown in the diagram in this cell the amount of copper in the electrodes is much greater than the amount of copper ions in the copper sulfate solutions copper copper mol dm cuso aq mol dm cuso aq a explain how the salt bridge d provides an electrical connection between the two electrodes mark b suggest why potassium chloride would not be a suitable salt for the salt bridge in this cell mark c in the external circuit of this cell the electrons flow through the ammeter from right to left suggest why the electrons move in this direction marks wmp jun chem do not write outside the box d explain why the current in the external circuit of this cell falls to zero after the cell has operated for some time mark e the simplified electrode reactions in a rechargeable lithium cell are electrode a electrode b li mno e li e electrode b is the negative electrode limno e v li e i the e m f of this cell is v use this information to calculate a value for the electrode potential of electrode b mark e ii write an equation for the overall reaction that occurs when this lithium cell is being recharged marks e iii suggest why the recharging of a lithium cell may lead to release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere mark turn over wmp jun chem

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