AQA Jan 2013 Paper 1 Q4

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the following table shows the boiling points of some straight chain alkanes do not write outside the box ch c h c h c h c h boiling point c a state a process used to separate an alkane from a mixture of these alkanes mark b both c h and c h can be liquefied and used as fuels for camping stoves suggest with a reason which of these two fuels is liquefied more easily mark c write an equation for the complete combustion of c h mark d explain why the complete combustion of c h may contribute to environmental problems mark e balance the following equation that shows how butane is used to make the compound called maleic anhydride ch ch ch ch o c h co o h o mark wmp jan chem do not write outside the box f ethanethiol c h sh a compound with an unpleasant smell is added to gas to enable leaks from gas pipes to be more easily detected f i write an equation for the combustion of ethanethiol to form carbon dioxide water and sulfur dioxide mark f ii identify a compound that is used to react with the sulfur dioxide in the products of combustion before they enter the atmosphere give one reason why this compound reacts with sulfur dioxide substance reason marks f iii ethanethiol and ethanol molecules have similar shapes explain why ethanol has the higher boiling point marks question continues on the next page turn over wmp jan chem g the following compound x is an isomer of one of the alkanes in the table on page do not write outside the box c c g i give the iupac name of x mark g ii x has a boiling point of c explain why the boiling point of x is lower than that of its straight chain isomer marks g iii the following compound y is produced when x reacts with chlorine cl cl c c deduce how many other position isomers of y can be formed write the number of other position isomers in this box mark wmp jan chem do not write outside the box h cracking of one molecule of an alkane z produces one molecule of ethane one molecule of propene and two molecules of ethene h i deduce the molecular formula of z mark h ii state the type of cracking that produces a high proportion of ethene and propene give the two conditions for this cracking process type of cracking conditions marks turn over for the next question turn over wmp jan chem

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