AQA Jan 2013 Paper 1 Q3

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do not write outside the box the following table shows the electronegativity values of the elements from lithium to fluorine electronegativity li be a i state the meaning of the term electronegativity marks extra space a ii suggest why the electronegativity of the elements increases from lithium to fluorine marks extra space b state the type of bonding in lithium fluoride explain why a lot of energy is needed to melt a sample of solid lithium fluoride bonding explanation marks extra space wmp jan chem do not write outside the box c deduce why the bonding in nitrogen oxide is covalent rather than ionic mark extra space d oxygen forms several different compounds with fluorine d i suggest the type of crystal shown by of mark d ii write an equation to show how of reacts with steam to form oxygen and hydrogen fluoride mark d iii one of these compounds of oxygen and fluorine has a relative molecular mass of and contains by mass of fluorine calculate the empirical formula and the molecular formula of this compound show your working empirical formula molecular formula marks turn over wmp jan chem

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